Setup Technologies


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MSI Authoring Tools

Wix Toolet - Free - Hard to learn
Master Packager - Freemium
MSI Installer Tool ( - Freemium


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Wise Setup files are a discontinued technology, but are still fairly prevalent.

Setup switches are very simple. has an article on them here Article: Wise Setup.exe Switches (

Usual silent install parameter: setup.exe /S

Nullsoft NSIS

Website: NSIS Wiki ( Nullsoft (Creators of Winamp) created their own opensoure and scriptable install system.

Once again, very simple setup switches. Usually just pass /S to install silently.

Review documentation on the website for more complex setups.

Inno Setup

Website: Inno Setup (

Another opensource setup system that is often used as a replacement for InstallShield.

Most common silent install parameters are:



Website: Installer and Uninstaller Command-Line Arguments (

Most common silent install parameters are: Setup.exe -i silent

Other Software

MSI / MST Editors