Who am I?

My name is Grant Dickins. I am a bit of a geek. I used to be more of a geek, but family life has calmed me down (read: Can’t afford to buy geeky stuff anymore.) I’m a career geek now. I spend my working time (and a little more) learning, researching, implementing, and managing Windows technology - usually in the form of Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager and associated toolsets.
I occasionally dabble in some Linuxy things too. WSL2 is fun, but I also have a few Linux VMs to do things like run this Hugo site.
I’m also a Dad. Who’d have thought?

My history

I’m not going to cover my job history here, that’s what Linkedin is for. Generally speaking, I’ve worked my way up from a humble helpdesk analyst, through desktop support, a little bit of team leading - which was horrible - and enough server support to be dangerous. I now classify myself as an Endpoint Configuration and Infrastructure Engineer.

What I do

My day job as an Endpoint Configuration and Infrastructure Engineer covers anything to do with Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager - Software Packaging, Software Updates, Operating System Deployment // Active Directory and Group Policy // Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise // and a whole lot more.

I’m a contributer to SysManSquad

A long time member of the WinAdmins discord

I occasionally get on my mountain bike or go walking up hills when I have spare time.